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A conference interpreter is a linguistic mediator whose aim is for two people to understand each other. As well as a translator, an interpreter must not be just someone who translates word by word from one language to another. The interpreter must understand the context of the speech: the register used, the implicit information in the message, emotions… and be able to communicate it all.

It is a very demanding profession with enormous responsibility.

Which are the qualities that an interpreter must have? Diplomacy, physical and psychological resistance, verbal and mental agility, the ability of analyzing and summarizing, wide general knowledge and self-control. The interpreter is a (linguistic) mediator and, as such, his or her image and attitude must contribute to create an environment of understanding.

In order for the interpreter to do the job adequately, previous work on the topic and vocabulary of the interpretation is necessary. Thus, the interpreter must have beforehand all documents and information regarding the conference or event.

Our experience tells us that information dealt with in a meeting or congress is often confidential. In order to observe that confidentiality, we sign non-disclosure agreements with our clients so as to guarantee the interpreter’s discretion at all times.


Interpretación consecutiva

Interpretación simultánea

nterpretación susurrada

Interpretación con maletín


Interpretation by conference call or videoconference

Certified Interpretacion

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