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What is Translation 2.0?

Multilingual communication is of the essence for any company to succeed in our global world.

Up until now, a client who needed translation or interpreting services had two options. The first one would be to rely on a single freelance translator or interpreter. This option involved several constraints: the impossibility to take on several translations or interpretations at the same time, the limit of the work load that a single person can manage… The second option, the most usual up to now, was to turn to a translation agency.

Here is where the concept of Translation 2.0 arises. What is it about? It is the achievement of a double goal: a greater efficiency thanks to collective work and cost saving for the client.

The concept is as follows: as a freelance translator and interpreter, I normally count on the work of professional translators and interpreters. When the size, deadlines or language pair of a translation, or the need for several interpreters in a single project prevent a single professional from dealing with everything, this professional team starts up to help you in the success of your translation or interpreting project.

What are the benefits?

  • Cost saving. We are not a translation agency having to pay for its premises, employees or other expenses. The final amount paid by the client is free from abusive margins that do not increase the client’s satisfaction.
  • Top speed. We count on our whole network of professionals to execute the project at the shortest possible turnaround time and with the highest quality.
  • We trust in what we know: At an agency, not all translators and interpreters assigned to a project have been tested before. We are a fully experienced team of professionals, having worked together for many years. We know what our clients need, and we make of these needs our top priority.
  • A single contact point: All translation and interpreting projects are directly managed by a single person. We return the trust placed in us by our clients with an extremely efficient and professional work.
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